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1927 Jordan "Alive" ad

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This is a magazine ad for a 1923 Jordan 4-Door Brougham

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1926 Jordan "I am the Playboy" magazine ad.

Jordan Playboy magazine ad from 1929, the year of the Stock Market Crash.  By 1931, Ned was out of the car business.  Although JMC had survived the crash, Ned didn't want to spend his fortune to save the company. Later came divorce and alcoholism.

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 Somewhere West of Lake Michigan...

b. November 21, 1882
d. December 29, 1958

Ned Jordan joined Thomas B. Jeffery & Co.  late in 1905.

Secretary and General Sales Manager

Left The Thomas B. Jeffery Company in January of 1916 and Founded the Jordan Motor Car Company.

Ned Jordan was one of the earliest and most flamboyant of advertising copywriters in the still-growing automobile marketing arena.

He was ahead of his time in the idea of niche marketing to upper-class women, and in developing a compact car, the Little Custom.

Rambler advertising took a decidedly different turn once Ned Jordan came on board.  He is the one responsible for the famous 1905 Rambler "One Arm" ad, which pointed out that Ramblers were so easy to operate, even children and those with one arm could drive them.

1905 Rambler Surrey Type One magazine ad

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This is probably Jordan's most famous piece of work, from June, 1923.  This is the famous "Somewhere West of Laramie" ad.

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This is the 1927 Little Custom Sedan, generally regarded as the car that killed Jordan Motor Car Company.  That and the 1929 Stock Market Crash.  Oh, yeah, and Ned's drinking, too.  Not a good mix.

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