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 January 6, 2006:

Public pressure has finally persuaded me to begin work on the Make, Model, Year page.  At this stage, I have added a number of mug shots for AMC from 1954-1983, and a number of special editions, prototypes, and Jeeps.  For the sake of speed, at the moment these pictures are of low quality, but will eventually evolve into  web pages for the models, starting with the Gremlin.

On the first of Jan, we set off on the Molly Blue Two-Lane New Year Tour, which took us to Prescott, AZ again.  Here's a little sneak peek at what we saw. More will be posted to the Route 66 Rambler Report shortly..

 December 4, 2006:

I've put some things on the E. R. Thomas-Detroit page, a few pictures and links.

On this page I'm featuring an ad for Rambler from 1905 boasting of the ability of  one-armed customers to operate their Ramblers.  This is only to be expected, as it is also the perfect car for children.
The Marlin/Tarpon development photos which were obtained in November 2006 have been moved to the "American Motors Corporation" page for 1954-1987, located in the TimeLine.

 November 23, 2006:

We went to two different concerts in the last month.  ...Molly Blue  was a huge hit with the crowd AND the parking crew at both shows....not to mention the car show that we happened upon and pulled in to.  Around a dozen people left the show area to go out to the parking lot and have a look at the curious little Gremlin out there.

Acquired treasures of late include two new 1960
sales brochures, and a collection of 12 Nash ads from 1933 through 1954.  As soon as I tame the raging TimeLine, these goodies will be added to the Open Library Project.

Kenosha West, the parts page, has been added to the mix, complete with links and classified ads for cars, parts, and literature.  This will be expanded over time.

 October 11, 2006

I re-worked the
Home page a little bt.  I wanted the
TimeLine and Library to be accessible at all times.  I am now trying to fill the TimeLine data skeleton out a bit, and have added a Make, Model, Year skeleton that also waits to be filled.

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Nash-Kelvinator Corporation


It's January as I am writing this, so I'm taking this opportunity to sort of follow past events relative to the current month.  As I find out facts about Rambler Heritage this month that relate to January, I'll insert them here and there among the existing narrative...

In 1937, Nash Motor Company and the Kelvinator Corporation joined forces to become the Nash-Kelvinator Corporation.

In January of 1942, Nash-Kelvinator ceased production of automobiles to focus on military production for World War II.  During the war, Nash produced 600 million dollars worth of aircraft engines, propellers, helicopters, bomb fuses, cargo trailers, binocular cases, and flying boat sub-assemblies, among other supplies, at plants located in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Lansing in Michigan, and Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha in Wisconsin.

<--1949 Nash Catalog


The Nash eXperimental International, or NXI, was first shown to the public in January of 1950.  Over 250,000 people were surveyed to determine if the car that became the Metropolitan warranted production.

After the 1954 merger with Hudson Motor Car Company that produced American Motors Corporation, Kelvinator remained an AMC division until it was sold for much-needed capital in 1968.

1939 Nash Ambassador Ad

1939 Nash LaFayette Ad

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