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 Rambler TimeLine

The Early Years 1845-1882

Mitchell & Lewis  Co. Ltd. 1855-1910

Gormully & Jeffery 1881-1900

Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co. 1900-1903
Thomas B. Jeffery & Co. 1900-1910

The Overland Co. 1903-1908

Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co. 1903-1924

E.R. Thomas-Detroit Motor Co. 1906-1909

Willys-Overland 1908-1955

Hudson Motor Car Co. 1909-1954

Thomas B. Jeffery Company 1910-1916---->

Nash Motors Inc. 1916-1937

Nash-Kelvinator Corp.  1937-1954

Kaiser Motor Company 1945-1955

Kaiser Jeep Corporation 1955-1970

American Motors Corp 1954-1970

AMC/Jeep Corporation 1970-1987

Latest news

 December 4, 2006:

I've put some things on the E. R. Thomas-Detroit page, a few pictures and links.

On the main page I'm featuring an ad for Rambler from 1905 boasting of the ability of  one-armed customers to operate their Ramblers.  This is only to be expected, as it is also the perfect car for children.

The Marlin/Tarpon development photos which were obtained in November 2006 have been moved to the "American Motors Corporation" page for 1954-1987, located in the TimeLine.

 November 23, 2006:

We went to two different concerts in the last month.  ...Molly Blue  was a huge hit with the crowd AND the parking crew at both shows....not to mention the car show that we happened upon and pulled in to.  Around a dozen people left the show area to go out to the parking lot and have a look at the curious little Gremlin out there.

Acquired treasures of late include two new 1960
sales brochures, and a collection of 12 Nash ads from 1933 through 1954.  As soon as I tame the raging TimeLine, these goodies will be added to the Open Library Project.

Kenosha West, the parts page, has been added to the mix, complete with links and classified ads for cars, parts, and literature.  This will be expanded over time.

 October 11, 2006

I re-worked the
Home page a little bt.  I wanted the
TimeLine and Library to be accessible at all times.  I am now trying to fill the TimeLine data skeleton out a bit, and have added a Make, Model, Year skeleton that also waits to be filled.

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The Thomas B. Jeffery Co


Charles T. puts his own stamp on things...

  After the death of T. B. Jeffery, his sons Charles and Harold Jeffery took the company public according to his will, and renamed the concern The Thomas B. Jeffery Company. Looking for a new image, and to reflect new design and production directions, for 1914 the cars were named the Jeffery.

This was the first time that the Rambler name had been dropped, after 31 years of recognition as a top-quality brand.  

 From the Library-

"A Family in Kenosha"- A magazine article by Beverly Rae Kimes, detailing some of the early Rambler history.  Appeared in the 2nd Quarter 1978 issue of
Automobile Quarterly Magazine
. Scanned and kindly contributed to my effo
rt by a friend in Alberta.

Charles Thomas Jeffery (left) is seen

 in this photo during the time of the
sale of The Thomas B. Jeffery Company
to former General Motors president
Charles Warren Nash (right).

Jeffery introduced the famous Quad four-wheel-drive truck, and it was instrumental in the mobilization of militaries everywhere.

Nash continued production of this truck, and it had a profound influence on the battlefields of World War I.

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