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The Dim, Distant past...



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  A local history of Mitchell Wagon

One of my postcards:

A 1914 Overland Speedster

After the 1954 merger with Nash-Kelvinator, the Hudsons looked like this ad from 1957, when the name was dropped, along with that of Nash, and from 1958, AMC concentrated on the Rambler name.

A Nash advertisement for the 6-74 from 1919

 It had to start somewhere... 

  So we'll start at the beginning.
Welcome to the
TimeLine at Route 66


The TimeLine database takes the place of the artifact collection which would be in a physical museum. 

This is only one of the tools through which we conduct our study of AMC heritage.

Another tool is the Library.  By combining the two in various ways, we can extract other information, such as a Family Tree, and technical information.

This TimeLine is where you would go for a general overview of the corporate history through the ages.
  All of this will be changing quite frequently, and being added to often, for quite a while.

Enjoy and pay respect to the rich heritage of American Motors Corporation.


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Here is an article, called"Welterweights Fight Harder", from June 2005 Hemmings Muscle Machines .  This is a brief  4-page summary by Jim Donnelly of various AMC racing efforts , based on the photo archives of Gordon Chilson and Pat Foster.

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