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  September news

 September 17, 2007:

Just got the Parts and Ads page updated with new ads.  The family has insisted on a lot of time off from this work lately.

I'll be splitting my time for now, between moving the Open Library Project over to The AMC Heritage Forum, and wringing a blog entry out of my keyboard somehow...

 September 10, 2007:

I've been very busy lately, moving the Open Library Project and the Rambler TimeLine into the Archive System at The AMC Heritage Forum. 

Also, my son and I have been playing around with the fuel system on his 1967 Rambler American 440 Hardtop V8.

Been using Molly Blue for the "Staff Car" on that job, and she hauled the new stainless steel fuel line home from Kennedy American(see the Parts page).

The fuel line was in a huge box, and wouldn't fit inside the Gremlin, so we lashed it to the luggage rack.

I always thought people stared at Molly Blue a lot in traffic anyway, but nothing like the attention gotten by a Gremlin with a huge long box on top of it.


At the AMC Heritage Forum  Yankee Doodle Dandies- September, 1967 Motor Trend

This is an article in September, 1967 Motor Trend magazine, featuring MT's own Rogue Runner project, the Randall Rambler Super American, and the Grant Rebel SST funny car...


In the Annual 
Report from September 30 of '59, 

American Motors showed an   amazing net profit of over  $60 million dollars!

 Rambler Milestones for September 

September from the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde...

On the morning of September 27, 1912, a Rambler Model 73, 4-cylinder Cross-Country departed from Chicago, Illinois, bound for Toledo, Ohio, a distance of 320 miles in one day.  We are talking about
1912 here, people.  Roads? Ha hahaha ha...


The King and Queen of Spain made a visit to Morocco in September of 1927, in their brand new Hudson Phaeton...


filed its first Annual Report on September 30, 1937, showing a profit of over $3.6 million dollars.

The Nash-Kelvinator Annual Report on September 30, 1939, wasn't quite so nice, showing a loss of over $1.5 million dollars.


By 1941, the September 30 Annual Report for Nash-Kelvinator was showing a profit again, to the tune of $4.6 million dollars.

In September, 1940, Hudson Motor Car Company introduced a new line of Step Vans, the All-Purpose Delivery series...



Newspaper Ad from September of 1959

 Route 66 Rambler