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On March 2, 1987, A deal was struck to purchase
American Motors Corporation
in a hostile bid by
Chrysler Motors Corporation.

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Also in March of 1906, Overland Motors Company was incorporated in its third incarnation in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Previously, it had been a division of Standard Wheel in Terre Haute, Indiana, and then had been bought by Claude Cox for $8,000 in 1904.

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 March 1, 2007:

I've been wandering around, expanding the scope of my study again, instead of filling in what I already have done on the structure of the site...

In March I plan to catch up some on the blogs, links, and MMY stuff. Along the way I will make small changes where I feel like it...

Milwaukee Journal Story about Chrysler takeover Page 1 (825kb)

Milwaukee Journal Story about Chrysler takeover Page 2 (741kb)

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 Rambler Milestones for March 

Some March AMC Happenings:

On March 1st, 1902, Thomas B. Jeffery & Co. sold their first Rambler at retail, a Model D, to a doctor in Binghampton, New York. Just like this car, tiller steering and all.

The order was placed at the Chicago Exposition for that year. --->

Clicking on this picture will take you to a Rambler Model C with a steering wheel.  These were available for retrofit beginning in 1903.  It was very easy to do, and many 1903 cars are called 1902's, because the steering wheel is one of the differences between many of the 1902 C &
D line, and the E & F line of 1903. In 1904, the steering wheel became standard, on the G & H line.

<--- In March of 1954, Nash introduced its new subcompact international car, the Metropolitan.  Two months later, it was being produced by AMC, and Nash was now just a division of a MUCH larger car company.

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