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According to the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde, the first Hudson advertisement was published in June,1909This is a 1909 Hudson Model 20 Roadster.

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 June 14, 2007:

The AMC Heritage Forum

an update on Forum progress: 

We are up to 52 Members now, with quite a few guests visiting every day.

 Membership has gone world-wide, baby, with Members checking in from every continent except Antarctica.

 June 1, 2007:

If you'd like to see more of this kind of Rambler Heritage, and discuss it with others, I've set aside space and tech support for a message forum.  It's called

 The AMC Heritage Forum

It's already got 24 Members, and lots of discussion and information about

 The AMC Heritage.

 you're late, man, better get over there...

On June 26, 1914, the Rambler name was dropped, after over 30 years of recognition as a top-quality brand, including the
earlier bicycle production.

The motor vehicle product was re-named "Jeffery" to honor Thomas B. Jeffery, dead for four years, and to establish a new design direction in the vehicles.  In addition, Charles T. Jeffery had stepped away from TBJ's original limited-production philosophy, and would soon become the world's largest truck producer.

 Rambler Milestones for June 

June stuff for AMC:

Here's a nice AMC -flavored June Magazine Article-
"1955 Nash Ambassador Pinin Farina Speciale"-
Collectible Automobile Magazine  June 1995

Ah, the Big 3...
Chevy, Ford, and...

In the August 3, 1959 edition of Life Magazine, Rambler was able to boast about achieving Big 3 Status, as Basic Rambler Excellence paved the way to #3 in sales for June of 1959...

Here we have the 31st President of the United States of America, Mr. Herbert Hoover, next to his 1917 Hudson Super Six Landaulet, photographed while serving as U. S. Food Administrator, a post which he assumed in June of 1917, serving until 1919.

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