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 July 31, 2007:

The AMC Heritage Forum
has now expanded
as a project, to include an image host(RustBucket) and an archive system, to combine the Rambler TimeLine and its components, along with the Open Library Project, into the Forum/Gallery structure, to create a comprehensive resource over the years.

Membership is now up to 77 members, ranging from age 16 to 74.

 July 4, 2007:

I'll tone down the colors somewhat from here on, and I'll streamline the menus...

The menu system was never supposed to be so big.  I'll be streamlining and cutting down the menu system.

The AMC Heritage Forum is now up to 65 members, and still going right along.  The Route 66 Rambler Report Blog should be receiving a new post at any time.

 Rambler Milestones for July 

July stuff for AMC:

According to the 1969 American Motors Family Album by John Conde, the first Hudson was built July 3, 1909...

This is a picture of a 1906 Rambler Surrey Type Four, photographed in July of 1907.  From the 1969 American Motors Family Album, by John Conde.

On July 15, 1912, Joseph L. Hudson passed away.  At the time, Hudson was one of the leading U.S. Exporters of automobiles.

 Route 66 Rambler