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In February 1963 Motor Trend issued a special edition to honor the entire Rambler line as the 1963 Car of the Year.

On February 12, 1962, George W. Romney resigned as President and CEO of American Motors, in order to run for Governor of Michigan, a title he eventually achieved...

With Mitt Romney, there are modern connections here to a presidential run as well...

On February 10th, 1965, AMC announced the
1965 Rambler Marlin.

The AMX was introduced to the buying public in February 1968.

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 February 17, 2007:

With President's Day in February, I have dug up a few Presidential tidbits...

 February 8, 2007:

IJust fixed the 1955 AMCRambler Catalog on Page 3 of the Open Library Project.  Also added a 1967 Rebel/American brochure to Page 3.

Sorry about the slow pace on the Route 66 Rambler Report, but I'll hit it when I can.

 February 1, 2007:

I have scanned in a few various Rambler items scattered around the February 1963 Motor Trend Magazine.

Route 66 Rambler?
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Roy D. Chapin, Founder and twice-President of
Hudson Motor Car Company, 
passed away suddenly on
February 16, 1936.

 Rambler Milestones for February 

Some February AMC Happenings:

A few entries from Molly Blue's DateBook...

On February 5, 1845, Thomas B. Jeffery was born in Plymouth, Devon Shire, Jolly Old England

On February 14th, 1912, the Arizona Territory joined the Union as the 48th State.

The state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom.

The state bird is the Cactus Wren.

With President's Day on the calendar this month, it should be mentioned that it was the Rambler-Riding

who signed the bill into law...

AMC contributions have not been insignificant...

In Arizona, Randall American in Mesa was running a 343 Rambler American at Beeline Dragway in the 60's.  The September 1967 Motor Trend had a few things to say about this car...

A 1968 Javelin and the famous 1972 Gremlin 401-XR from Randall Engineering followed.  Later, Randall was dropping 401's into Pacers with pleasing results.

Also, a Nash Ambassador advertisement for 1954 was shot near Bell Rock in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona.

On February 12, 1908, 250,000 screaming race fans jammed Times Square for the start of the New York to Paris Around the World Race, otherwise known as the Great Race

The 22,000-mile Great Race was won by a 1907 Thomas Flyer by the E. R. Thomas Motor Car Company, also sold by E. R. Thomas-Detroit, under Roy D. Chapin.

<--- Here's a picture of the Thomas Flyer near the starting line...

February of 1967 brought us the Regional Rebel Special Wagons, and the 1967 AMX III, which strongly resembles the Javelin on the front, but is presented in wagon form.

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