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1953 Hudson Italia
Though some Italias were produced in 1953, and there are cases of 1955 registrations, the car is essentially only a 1954 model, discontinued after some 26 units of production.  Looming over this project was the merger of two companies on the edge of survival, and some programs had to be pared off.

 August 1, 2007:

The AMC Heritage Forum
has now expanded
as a project, to include an image host I call RustBucket. Also an archive system is under way, to combine the
Rambler TimeLine and its components, along with the Open Library Project, into the Forum/Gallery structure, to create a comprehensive resource over the years.

This structure will replace the TimeLine as it now exists.  The Library will remain much the same, but will become easier to navigate, and be contained within the archive structure.  The Route 66 Rambler home page will remain the same.

Membership is now up to 77 members, ranging from age 16 to 74.

  Latest news

 August 20, 2007:

The Old Car Manual Project has been focusing on Route 66 Rambler somewhat lately , featuring six different items from our own Open Library Project on their front page, one of which is a link to another 9 ads and postcards from the Open Library Project, here at Route 66 Rambler.

For over a year before that, TOCMP carried a high-resolution version of our 1969 American Motors Family Album on the front page.  A link to that catalog can still be found at their site.

And that's not all.  Route 66 Rambler rated a link on TOCMP's excellent listing of references and resources, as well as a MENTION IN THEIR NEW BLOG, a really cool addition to their site.

I also noticed that they have started to run Gallery 2 image hosting software, which is what powers our own image host, RustBucket.

This is really a class act, "old iron online".
Thanks for the appreciation, guys!
Visit The Old Car Manual Project today...

Route 66 Rambler has also been placed alongside The AMC Heritage Forum as a resource for the study of AMC, by AutoPendium.com, a huge automobile social network based in the UK, with blogs, 'pedias, galleries, videos, etc.

Welcome to Route 66 Rambler, AutoPendium visitors!

 Rambler Milestones for August 

August events in The AMC Heritage:

1940 John Cobb Hudson 8
In August of 1939, Land-Speed record holder John Cobb, an Englishman, set a AAA Class C speed record at Bonnevile with a 1940 Hudson 8.

1946 Hudsons- August 1945

August 30, 1945, was the date Hudson Motor Car Company resumed production after World War II, making it one of the earliest manufacturers to do so.

1954 Hudson Italia

In August of 1954, Hudson ceased production of its exotic Italia dream car.

1953 Hudson Italia

The Italia had been shown and promoted in August of 1953, when announcements were made of intentions for production.  Hudson was in dire straits, financially, at the time, and only months away from the merger with Nash-Kelvinator that produced American Motors Corporation.

photo from: velocityjournal.com

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