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 April 1, 2007:

I have done absolutely  nothing at all that I said I would do in the month of March.

 It has been my experience that CAR COMPANIES age at a slower rate than grandchildren do...

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Some April AMC Happenings:

APRIL 1, 1970:


On April 2, 1910, at midnight, Thomas B. Jeffery died of a heart attack, at the age of 65, while vacationing in Pompeii, Italy.

Tommy B's sons, Charles T. and Harold Jeffery, took Thomas B. Jeffery & Company public, renaming the operation The Thomas B. Jeffery Company.

Here is a look at a stock certificate from 1910 for the Thomas B. Jeffery Co.
Located at:
Scripophily.com - The Gift of History

These folks have some really good stuff, and a great reputation.

This link is on a scripophily site (for collectors of cancelled stocks and bonds), and the author mentions, incorrectly, that Thomas B. Jeffery was a wagon maker.  This is a common mistake on the Internet for some reason.  The Mitchell-Lewis Motor Co. WAS a wagon builder before turning to automobiles, and like the Jeffery Company, was purchased by Nash.  And, Charles W. Nash himself worked with a wagon maker that eventually became part of the Crapo Durant empire now known as General Motors.  Perhaps in some twisted way, this is the origin of these vicious lies...

In all fairness, I have contacted the site, and they have assured me of their intent to correct the information. Thank you, very much,

Rest in Peace, TBJ.  There ARE people who still care...

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